Cleaning in Tonbridge

We Dartnell Cleaning is one of the professional cleaning company serving customers for a few years now. We are renowned because of our reliability, quality and great reputation. Also, We offer our services in multiple areas, including cleaning in Tonbridge.

Once the client hires us for the service, they don’t have to worry. We offer our customers complete peace of mind. The staff we have is professional and skilled. They love doing their job and listen to the customer. Also, all our staff members are insured. We provide them with all the needed cleaning products along with the tools. Once things we like to tell our customers is that our cleaning products are environment-friendly. Also, they all are chemical-free.

If we talk about the price we charge for the service, let us assure it is reasonable. You can even compare the service charges with any company. You will see a difference. If there is any company who is ready to serve you at a low price then us, do tell us. For sure we will examine everything and manage things accordingly. Most importantly, our service charges are fixed. So don’t worry about paying extra in any way, as we will not give you an unpleasant surprise at the end of the service.

Cleaning services we offer!

We don’t offer residential cleaning service only or commercial service. We provide a variety of different services to our respected customers. The services we offer are as followed:

  • Once per week cleaning service: it is a service that you can hire any day between Monday to Friday and at any time of the day. Our team will come to serve you and eliminate stress.
  • Deep cleaning service: it is a service that is very different from the regular cleans. Most people get this service from us once in a month or once in two months. It is a service in which our team clean every corner of the property.
  • Fortnightly cleaning: You can also call this service, regular cleaning service. Mainly people get this service twice in a week.
  • Post building cleaning service: You can get this service from us after the renovation of the house or office. Our team will clean the property in a manner that you will not see any stain or dirt particle.
  • End of tenancy cleaning: you live in a rented property and about to move out, then do call us for the cleaning. We will make sure your property looks perfect, and you receive 100 per cent of your deposit back.
  • Office cleaning service: Yes, we do offer an office cleaning service. So keep the environment clean and healthy for your employees.
  • Carpet cleaning: every house and office has a carpet these days. So, if you want your carpet to look brand new for a long time, let us help you. We will clean it for you gently by using the right products.

cleaning in Tonbridge

Contact us!

If you have any question in mind related to our service or company, feel free to contact us. You can email us or call us. Our agents will reply back to you within no time, as they are available for the customer 24/7. The process of booking our service is also simple, as you can book the service online. If you are looking for free quotes, we can provide that to you too.